Sushant Ghimire

DOB: 15th November 1995 About : I belong to Chatara ( a small town 11kms west from dharan) sunsari. I did my half schooling at biratnagar and came to kathmandu at grade 8. I have been singing since grade 3 I remember. I did my high school from united academy and bachelor's in civil engineering from Acme engineering college respectively. I have never realized my passion for music for so long. I started playing guitar and then I jumped to writing songs with the basic chords which I learned. I think that's what drove me more towards music. Then my journey started when I met mantra guitars back in 2017. Playing Guitar: I started learning guitar since 2016. My friends used to have a band and they used to practice for their gigs. I always thought how do people play the guitar??? Because I was unable to place even the fingers properly in it. Once my friend brought a ukelele to their practice sessions. So I tried to learn it because the chords seemed too easy then guitars in it. That's how it started and still learning to play. Started writing and composing : I never knew I could write and compose songs. As I started playing guitar I learned some easy chords progressions and playing covers in it. By then I tried to write some slowly. I wrote my first song in 2017. Since then I am trying to grow in both playing and writing. Genre: I am still trying to figure out and experimenting with my genre. I have written some pop. I released my first jazz single and then trying out in folk-rock and folk indie music. Email: