Mantra String

This are high standard strings built with lots of care and love to compliment all the acoustic mantra guitar standard.

Mantra strings are made from nickel plated steel wire wrapped around a hex shaped steel core wire. Gauges .010 .013 .017 .026 .036 .046

these Strings feature a series of lock twists to secure the wire around the ball end preventing slippage and ensuring a long lasting string within minimal break in time.

Nickel Wound mantra strings are precision wound with nickel plated steel wire providing a classic, balanced tone with superior intonation and consistency.

The core is made from tin plated high carbon steel hex wire providing excellent durability.

Its the best you can get in the price you canʼt even imagine.

Mantra Capo

Its the great designed capo in Black and Silver which provide great shape and padded handle make fret positioning easy.

strong spring action clamps it firmly in place

EASY TO MOVE - Super Fast to Change Between Frets. It Fits Perfectly Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Ukulele, Banjo, Folk Guitars and Mandolin

NO SCRATCHES OR FRET BUZZ- High Quality Silicone Pad Will Protect Your Instrument Against Damage. Steel Spring with Internal Memory. It Puts Just Enough Pressure on the Instrument

HIGH PERFORMANCE - Stays in Tune with a Great Intonation in All Fret

Great Durabilty with high precision and in great value.

Mantra Strap

We have brought you many designs and color you can choose with as the strap is a expression of whom you love and represent.

Our new stylish guitar strap is woven with an exclusive pattern and vibrant colors.

Electric, Acoustic, Bass or Classic our strap is compatible with all sorts of guitar.

Your guitar is safe with it ! – Thanks to its top grade leather, the guitar strap leather holes are built to avoid deformation/ open or release and keep it holds your guitar well and safely.

Mantra Picks

this are the best picks with made from celluloid, the premier pick material.

Offers a warm, round music tone

The "go to" pick for many professional artists

Comes with Thin, Medium, and Heavy Gauges

Comes in many different styles and colors to match your specific playing needs - Try them all.